Mick Ebeling
Not Impossible Labs

Named by Fortune magazine as one of the Top 50 World’s Greatest Leader, a recipient of the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year Award and listed as one of the world’s most influential creative people by The Creativity 50’s, Mick Ebeling has sparked a movement of pragmatic, inspirational innovation. As a career producer and filmmaker, now founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs, Ebeling harvests the power of technology and story to change the world.


Ebeling founded Not Impossible, a multiple award-winning social innovation lab, on the premise that nothing is impossible. His mantra of “commit, then figure it out” allows him to convene a disparate team of hackers, doers, makers and thinkers to create devices that better the world by bringing accessibility for all.  This unconventional approach brought to life highly acclaimed initiatives such as the EyeWriter, Project Daniel, Don’s Voice and Music: Not Impossible — bringing the ability to draw back to a paraplegic street artist, crafting 3D-printed arms to Sudanese amputees, giving a ‘voice’ to an ALS patient who hadn’t spoken in 15 years, and developing wearables that allow deaf and hearing people alike feel music haptically in a “surround body” experience. 


Since its inception as an innovative technology incubator, Not Impossible has also spun off two independent companies — Bento (gobento.com), a simple text-based service that addresses food insecurity, and Vyb Life, a wearable medical device company focused on mitigating the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and currently in clinical trials in both the US and EU.


Ebeling pushes the bar on innovation and shares emotionally resonating stories of using technology and creativity to make an impact with a wide array of Fortune 500 companies. These narratives of overcoming seemingly impossible odds to “Help One. Help Many” have inspired people across the world to do the same.

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