Ken Sardoni Headshot
SVP, CompTIA Learning Programs - Product Development

"Ken Sardoni is currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Product Development for CompTIA Learning Programs, where he leverages his extensive experience in EdTech, higher education, and the IT sector. Prior to joining CompTIA, Ken held significant roles in executive management, sales, and development at industry-leading companies such as Oracle Corporation, Steton Technology Group, and TestOut.
His academic acumen is demonstrated through his leadership roles, contributions to curriculum development, and faculty positions at esteemed institutions like the University of Denver and the University of Phoenix. Ken's specialized expertise lies in the realm of software engineering, data, and artificial intelligence.
He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Denver and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University. His distinguished career and academic achievements underscore his commitment to excellence in the field of technology and education."

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